Where to get glass for a 47-54 Chevy Truck?

I bought the glass from Classic Parts in Kansas City. It was about 2 hours away, so I opted to make a day trip with my family and pickup in person. I got all of my glass and weatherstrip there. My 3-year-old had a great time riding in the old car coin operated ride,  he rode it for about 15 minutes straight! They have everything you can imagine for these trucks and are knowledgeable.

From there we headed over to the Hallmark Kaleidoscope, which was pretty cool. Hallmark, you know, the card company, takes all of their leftover scraps there and has a cool area for kids to make craft projects. If you are ever in KC with kids and need something fun to do for a morning, head over there.

Windshield/Back Glass Install

I had a local installer come out and put in the windshield and back glass. I hated to spend $175 for that, but these 2 guys spent at least an hour working on it and had special tools. It was money well spent, because they were cussing about it the whole time.

Door Glass Install

I did the door glass myself, for the doors, the trick is to remove the little access plate from the door. Those weird screws are called clutch head, you can buy bits at Lowes to fit them. Inside there is a single bolt in the bottom of the divider that holds the vent window in. Getting it out sucks. I placed a trouble light inside the door and a side view mirror so that I could see the bottom of the bolt. I then sprayed it with penetrating oil from the top, you need to do that because it’s pretty stuck. I got it out with a ratchet, removed the other clutch head bolts at the top and pulled the vent glass steel and all out. Next, I cranked the window all the way up, turned it sideways and slid the bracket off. I had to use my heat gun to get the glass setting tape off, it kind of worked, but ultimately, I just smashed it with a hammer. I then had to drive a flat screwdriver in with a hammer behind the old weatherstrip to remove it. I then sandblasted and painted the frames black. I reinstalled with silicone to hold the glass in, install is simply in reverse. I was very happy once the glass was in, it feels more “Complete” now.

Tip: Use clear silicone to install the vent glass. I used white and it looked like shit. I was able to scrape it off around the edges, but clear would have not caused an issue.