First Start

Before starting I wanted to make sure my fuel pump was working, so I turned the key to on, and heard it engage, I was really happy until I started smelling gas! I looked around and saw gas under the motor, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I had my Wife cycle the key and I saw that it was coming out of the fuel rail regulator. I removed it and thought it was odd that there was no O ring on it. I took it to my local auto store and looked at a new one and it had not one but 2 O rings, I assume the Guy I bought the motor from had swapped it onto another motor, which made me angry, but the part was only $63 bucks. I put it back in and my leak issues were solved.

I honestly was scared about starting the engine, I mean what if it was a bad engine? What if I missed something? I finally bit the bullet and turned the key… nothing happened. I started at the simplest part and tested the wiring from the column, guess what, no power to the purple wire, but everything else was at 12v when it was supposed to be. I fiddled with it and ultimately attributed it to a bad switch, so I went to my local auto store and bought a start switch button, I decided to test it before installing and believe it or not, the damn thing had 12v constant on both sides of the switch, it was a dud. I remembered that I had a spare momentary switch in my tool box so I used it. With this I’d be able to start, but I decided to replace the junk eBay column with a Flaming River column.

I pressed the button and it cranked for about 5 seconds, then hit! It was rough and died within 5 seconds, this happened 3 more times, then it started and purred like a kitten for 15 minutes. I spent those 15 minutes walking around the truck looking for any leaks, peeking at my oil pressure gauge and fist pumping in celebration. This was the greatest part of the whole project!

When the thermostat opened, I had coolant start flushing out of my heater, apparently the brand-new heater core has a hole (More Ebay trash). I removed it and bought one of those little 12v ones that defrost the windows and plug into the cigarette lighter.  In addition, I need to tighten my power steering pressure side at the gearbox due to leaking.