What I’d do different:

  1. I’d have bought a lower mile engine. I had to replace a lot of things in order to fit the engine in, which made it cost a lot more. In hindsight, I’d have bought a newer motor and maybe thrown a cam in it also.
  2. I’d have bought a Flaming River steering column first. I wasted enough money to buy 2 quality steering columns, trying to be cheap.
  3. I’d have made my own power steering lines. I did a lot of research and had a hard time finding a pressure hose that would fit. I was afraid of making my own due to the pressures involved, in hindsight, I’d have just made my own.
  4. I’d have built my cab mounts taller. I tried to go low and it caused me a lot of extra work due to clearance issues. Had I made the cab mounts 2” taller, it would have been far easier to mount my transmission, driveshaft, bed and exhaust. Let your suspension do the drop, not your body.
  5. Put Catalytic converters on. I didn’t because I didn’t have to. I wish I had though, because the exhaust stinks pretty bad sometimes. I’ll probably add them at some point.
  6. Add a hide away hitch, you never know when you’ll want to pull a trailer. Doubt I ever will, but it’d be nice to have the option.
  7. I wish I’d changed the front accessories to the shorter corvette type. This would have increased my clearance, but I’d have had new stuff too and the radiator hose attachments are supposed to be better angled too.
  8. I’d have welded a flat plate on the front of the Frame Horns I cut off to make Bumper attachment easier.

Ending Notes:

I had a great time with this project. I learned many new skills and feel ready to tackle any automotive task now. I think I could build another in a third the time and for several thousand dollars less too. I’m very glad that I did this, well worth it.