What’s it like to drive?

I don’t race this truck and have no intentions to. However, driving it on the street is a whole lot of fun!

The truck is smooth as can be to drive. It handles great and is very responsive. My S10 chassis has been great and makes the truck drive smooth.

Every time I take the truck for a cruise it gets a lot of attention. I can’t get gas, without a stranger coming up to talk to me about the Truck. I’ll literally have people try to wave me down in traffic. Most of the people I see, tell me that their Dad or Grandpa had one of these trucks and want to take a look. Once you build up one of these trucks, its going to get a lot of attention, I’d always take the time to speak with people about it. You can make someone’s day by letting them see your Truck, what’s not to love about that!

PS: Beware, the Strangers are going to constantly ask you to sell it to them.

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