During this project I had my share of stupid attacks. Hopefully you can avoid them.

Tundra Tailgate

My daily driver is a Toyota Tundra, it’s a nice truck. I’ve had it for 4 years and never put so much as a scratch on it. The day I brought the old truck body Home, I towed it on Dad’s trailer with my Tundra. It was only a 10’ trailer, so I had to load the bed down with stuff too. I worked hard all day to get the body off the frame, loaded it up and drove home 2 hours all in one day. Once I got Home, I was tired, so I unloaded the suitcases from the bed and went inside with my Family and put my feet up. After about 30 minutes, I started worrying about what my Neighbors were thinking about the trashy beat down old truck parts sitting on a trailer in my driveway. I decided I’d just go back the trailer into my driveway and roll it into the garage. I jumped in the Tundra, backed it up, then had to cut it hard to get straight. Then I heard a crunch! I knew immediately that my dumbass must’ve left the tailgate down when I grabbed the suitcases out earlier. I jumped out and looked, hoping for a smudge or chip in the paint, nope… a huge V in the top of the tailgate. I thought no biggie, I’ll just jump online and grab one off a used truck for a couple hundred bucks… Once I checked, I found they are about $600+! Needless to say, my Tundra now has a permanent reminder to check the tailgate before backing up!

Hood Latch

I’m a short dude. At 5’7”, I’ve always wished I was 6’ or so. After this project, not so much. Here’s why. The hood latch on this truck sits about even with the middle of my forehead. After mounting the engine, I was hooking up the standalone harness, leaning over into the engine bay, when all of the sudden my Wife opened the garage door to ask me something. Instantly I popped up and hit the top of my head on the hood latch. I’m bald (Yep, short & bald, Sexy Right?), so I have NO padding on the top of my head. After rubbing my poor noggin for about a minute I was back at it. I shit you not, 5 minutes later I did the same thing! Enough was enough, I took out a piece of shipping Styrofoam from my radiator box and shoved it over the hood latch. I probably managed to hit my head 3-4 more times, but no more pain!


When I was cutting out the hole for my brake booster, I used a plasma cutter. The piece I cut out dropped once cut and bounced off the floor, I went on about my business. A few moments later I saw smoke! I looked under the truck and the piece had started burning my tarp, so I poured water on it and stopped the fire. Whew! A bit later I was walking by the front and slipped. Apparently, the hot metal had also melted a hole in the oil change tray that I had under the truck and spilled about 7 quarts of old nasty black oil all over my floor. This could have been very bad, imagine if the oil would have caught fire. I always try to be careful about fire, but this was careless on my part. I do have a fire extinguisher handy in the garage though, I recommend the same.